In the late 1970s a tiny space pod traveling space and time was captured by a strong interference around the zero meridian just over London causing it to tumble earthwards making woolwich common.

The totaled tiny space pod cracked open and a coincidentally passing couple took the alien baby in and named it Fiona.

Alongside her two more than less human sisters she enjoyed a childhood full of sisterly violence, fabulous fantasies and experienced issues of equality on her very own animal farm hunting down the occasional lion and taming wild horses.

Her inherent powers revealed themselves early and proved to be a great pastime during long school hours when Fiona drew instead of paying attention while making peculiar buzzing sounds.

At vet's school she learned how to stick needles into animals - amongst other amazingly handy things - when squealing pigs gave her the inspiration for a more satisfying field of profession. 

Thus regenerating into a tattooer she began her mission to exterminate colourless skin…



Tattoos by Fiona Coogan

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